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Board Game Designs in Progress

BOX - Luthiers-glow.png


Tonewoods (formely named Luthiers) is a heavy strategic and economic game, inspired by my experience as a luthier, in which you become an artisan crafting high-end guitars in the goal of becoming the most famous luthier.

Status : Playtesting


Turismo is a heavy strategic and economic game, in which you build and manage a luxurious resort in the touristic region of Riviera Maya.

Status : Playtesting

BOX - Turismo.png
BOX - Infidelis.png


Infidelis is a strategic resource management game where players grow their influence through cults in order to make the tyrannical state and clergy fall. The game has a heavy (and dark) theme, but has 100% Euro mechanisms.

Status : Design in progress

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is a 2-5 player Area Control / Action Selection game where players compete in the most ruthless snowball fight since La Guerre Des Tuques. 

BOX - Winter Solstice.png
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