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LUTHIERS - Skill Rewards & Solutions for Commercial District.


Wow! I am so happy with how these Skill tiles turn out. Some Skills create very awesome combos and synergies. Most importantly, the instant bonus you get when getting one of these tiles really adds possibilities and tough decisions. It is exactly what I am aiming for and I will continue creating these interactions.

Here are the updated bonus choices :

  • Complete a Contract OR Get $5

  • Rotate a Contract Token 1x CCW OR Get $5

  • Move OR Get $5

That way, three strong options are offered, but since they are very situationnal the option of getting $5 instead is very interesting.


Despite its very good results lately (2 wins in 2 games in two-player games, and an average position of 2.3 in the last 6 four-player games), I still feel it does not have a "first choice" as strong as the other districts and makes it less fun to play. Yes, it has privileged access to the Private Stock, but it is not used enough by the players for now to really have an impact.

We will in the next games try to make these Private Stock tiles wild. I don't think it will make them too strong because of their high cost.

One easy way to give this District a good privileged choice would be to move the Signature Tokens Action to the Commercial District. However, these tokens are meant to become a showcase for real unique masterpieces from worldwide luthiers. I can't find a way to thematically move it from Artistic to Commercial... I want to explore other possibilities for the moment.

The Pre-Assembled Necks are also still underused. They sometimes help, but mostly early-game. Making the Private Stock tiles wild could definitely give these necks more use (in order to avoid selling an overvalued guitar).

One very good recommandation that came from the playtesters is to add a secondary market in the Commercial District in which we could trade wood against wood (no money involved) for a smaller or equal value. For example, trade 2x Mahogany Necks (total value of 6) against 1x Rosewood Body (value of 5). This would give a nice alternative to the market. However, I feel this would be the perfect main Action for an additional district made available through a game expansion.


I continued testing it alone, and also played a game with another player. Still nothing negative to say.


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