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Release date : TBD
Status : Playtesting since June 2020

Luthiers is a heavy strategic and economic game, inspired by my experience as a luthier, in which you become an artisan crafting high-end guitars in the goal of becoming the most famous luthier.

Visit the different Districts (Commercial, Industrial, Cultural and Economic) to take various actions unique to each location. Movement optimization is critical if you do not want to fall behind your opponents.

Buy local and exotic wood (various-shaped tiles) for each different parts of the guitar, store them, and then organize them on your production grid to fill your schedule and fulfill your Contracts.

Purchase wood blanks, sign contracts with key-customers, attend exhibitions, upgrade your equipment to be more efficient, use your creativity to give uniqueness to your guitars, and so much more. 

Mechanisms : Worker Placement, Set Collection / Contracts, Tile Placement / Grid Coverage, Turn Order: Pass Order.

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